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  • Reduce Cupslip
  • Quicker Milking
  • Easier cup application
  • Improves cup alignment
  • Greater Comfort
  • Less RSI
The EzyMilk products are an interesting and unique addition to the overall milking process which offers a huge amount of real, substantiated data to back up our claims of Quicker Milking Times, less RSI, less Cup Slip and more Even Milking.

We believe (know) that the cows are milking out quicker and more efficiently as it provides better cup alignment at the teat end. Simply, we can visually see it eliminates any potential "squeezing" or "restriction" from misaligned teats and milking clusters.

Our products offers the astute Dairy Farmer practical, economical solutions to help minimize effort, time and overall production costs in the Parlour. Currently, we have 3 studies which substantiates our claims for a Quicker, Easier, Better milking process.  These studies can be found in our Studies and Data Tab and will be updated with new, exciting findings as our product line and "Innovations" journey continues. 

What our customers say…


In this montage of testimonials from farmers using EzyCups™ in their milking sheds, they talk about the learning curve, the benefits and …
I was up for Shoulder Surgery..... EzyCups saved my shoulders!!!!
We've noticed a HUGE REDUCTION in cup slip/squawking issues.....

What are ezy cups & How can they improve your milking.

Learn about how Ezy cups can improve your milking

Basically, they are an attachment to existing Clusters/Milkers.  

This allows the worker to attach 2 cups up at once, (Double Cupping).  This is a quicker means of attachment for the worker.  It is also easier and more hygienic.  

Our studies have shown a reduction in Cup Slip (53%).  

Other studies have included Quicker Milking Times..... We know that the cows are milking out quicker, faster and better.  Simply, we know that being able to adjust the cylinder (mouthpiece) at the teat end, we are reducing any impinging or constriction issues that occur on the teat end. The EzyCup actually aligns those teats, (esp. rear teats that are closer together or "kissing teats" that are touching or crossed over.) into the best, OPTIMUM position for milk extraction.  We can confirm that we have studies that show "identified slow milking cows" will milk out on an average of 45 to 60 seconds quicker.  Most exciting,  is the cross over benefits to the rest of the herd. (If slow milkers are quicker, then what is happening to the rest of the herd?)  Some farms are experiencing up to savings of 30 minutes per milking session.  

Also, we are currently studying long term alignment benefits associated with EzyCups. This Study will show that the EzyCups, (over time) will aid better conditioned teat and udder configurations. Especially of interest, is the long term effects of 1st year Heifers with and without the EzyCup application.  

We believe those studies will show a more balanced and evening up of quarters on most herds.  The EzyCup acts as a brace, or "training bra" of sorts, which over the long term benefits milk production, but also promotes animal health issues.  

Latest Milking News

Our milking news will keep you informed, read studies and find out new things you may not know about ezymilk.

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